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MAC Club Membership

The MAC Club Membership is how we deliver our Advice Based Financial Planning. MAC Club Membership provides this within a service that offers ongoing long term strategic financial planning for a fixed annual fee.

Our clients choose to become a MAC Club Member to benefit from long term financial planning, not just for themselves but also their families and businesses. The MAC Club Membership service allows us to help individuals achieve their financial goals without the worry and stress that usually accompanies wealth planning. We want you to let us take care of your wealth matters, to allow you to spend the time doing the things that created your legacy in the first place; after all, this ethos is what created ours.

MAC Club Membership will provide you with:

  • An experienced Independent Financial Adviser
  • Allocated support staff working alongside the Independent Financial Adviser
  • Professional, quality and unbiased independent financial advice
  • Regular financial reviews, reports and communication
  • Coherent long term financial strategies that will increase your wealth

Stage 1

Financial review and getting to know the client

Stage 2

Research and recommendation

Stage 3


MAC Club Membership Background

Formed in January 2003, the MAC Club Membership was ahead of its time in offering Advice Based Financial Planning when most other financial advisers were recommending commission based financial products. The market has since changed and whilst our regulator, the FCA, have moved the industry more towards how we deliver our service, many advisers are still coming to terms with how to deliver an effective fee based proposition.

It has never needed to advertise, having grown steadily and organically through word of mouth referrals from our existing members and professional connections – some of whom required professional strategic financial advice, or had become dissatisfied with their existing advisers, or needed a second opinion of current financial plans and strategy.

MAC Club Membership currently has:

  • Over 100 clients
  • 50% have been clients for longer than 7 years
  • 97% retention rate since 2007

MAC Club Membership offers:

  • Advice based strategic planning with access to all our financial experts
  • Regular communication, reports and quarterly or annual reviews
  • Individual and corporate memberships options

Click here for more information of our Corporate or Personal Mac Club Membership. Or contact us: